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Episode 125 – Thoughts In A Car

In this episode Rich discusses Flan day, genius pets, the holidays, and why it's unfair for Jay Z to have a fresh hairline. Tune in, drop a line, and let…
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Episode 118 – Masculinity Defined

How do you define Masculinity? Flan doesn't care! Let's talk about it anyway though.
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Episode 112 – Send Your Hate Mail to flan@whatisTWS.com

Here's hoping we survive this one. Rich turns the tables on Flan for this Round of Guess the Ethnicity, and Flan goes on a rant that may end the show…
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Episode 111- The Emperor’s New Clothes

We talk LeBron's finals gear, Kanye's admission, Jaden's theory and to bidet or not to bidet. Plus Round 5 of "Guess the Ethnicity". Join the conversation @ whatisTWS.com/FB
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Episode 109 – I Hope You Get Stung in the Face

Royal Wedding, entitled interns, and white rap fans. Who is Bobby Feeno and Flan's evil thoughts. Photo credit: brightdrops on Visualhunt.com / CC BY
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Episode 105 – Crack-N-AIDS

Another barbershop talk episode. This time Flan defends his Cardi review, we talk prom fads, soul food fuck up's, and you guessed it Crack-N-AIDS. join the conversation @ whatistws.com/fb Photo…
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Episode 103 – Way Past a Couple Bad Apples

Flan and Rich remember one of their biggest supporters. We also discuss Scientology TV, Fabolous, Stephon Clark and the way forward. Join the discussion @ whatisTWS.com/FB
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Episode 101 – Don’t Leave Your Girl Round Me! Feat Devin

The homie Devin stops by to chat with us about who you should send to care for your girl when you're locked up, and the 93.9 "Nanny Gate" Check out…
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Episode 100 – Live From Facebook

Real rap raw! Audio straight from the 100th episode live stream. Uncut cause I don't get paid to edit. Join the conversation @ whatisTWS.com/FB
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