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Episode 116 – The Woke Need to Give it a Rest

We talk Flint, Sorry to Bother You, intentional weirdness and Guess the Ethnicity pt 9
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Episode 114 – DickFace Johnson

Who is DickFace Johnson? Guess the Ethnicity Round 7, Bathroom Seflies, Cops abusing power, and the Rap G.O.A.T. Join the conversation @ whatisTWS.com/FB
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Episode 111- The Emperor’s New Clothes

We talk LeBron's finals gear, Kanye's admission, Jaden's theory and to bidet or not to bidet. Plus Round 5 of "Guess the Ethnicity". Join the conversation @ whatisTWS.com/FB
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Episode 110 – Freedom is a Terrible Thing to Waste

As we remember those that gave their lives for our freedom, Flan talks about how he gave his away. We talk Pusha vs. Drake, Game 7's, and Flan's Jail Diary.…
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Episode 109 – I Hope You Get Stung in the Face

Royal Wedding, entitled interns, and white rap fans. Who is Bobby Feeno and Flan's evil thoughts. Photo credit: brightdrops on Visualhunt.com / CC BY
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Episode 108 – Change that Tongue Ring

Another game of "Guess the Ethnicity", weed reparations, and tongue ring hygiene. Join the conversation @ whatisTWS.com/FB Photo credit: Mulling it Over on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-
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Episode 107 – Flan vs. The People w/Atarii

Poopy do scoop Scoopy de do woop Woopty scoopty poop Poop de scoopty Scoopy de woop Woopy de scoop woop poop Poop do de woop scoop Poop! Poop! Scoop de…
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Episode 106 – Ass Whooping Revival

We're back! Flan explains why he hates the internet, We play another round of Guess the Ethnicity, and discuss Bill Cosby, Michelle Wolf, and spanking other people's children. Join the…
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Episode 105 – Crack-N-AIDS

Another barbershop talk episode. This time Flan defends his Cardi review, we talk prom fads, soul food fuck up's, and you guessed it Crack-N-AIDS. join the conversation @ whatistws.com/fb Photo…
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