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Evening With the Flans – Road to Recovery pt7 “My Disease of Choice”

Do we choose to be sick or do we have a disease of choice? Flan discusses his progress and ask how much kumbaya is too much kumbaya. Join the discussion…
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Evening With The Flans – Road 2 Recovery pt 6 “Happy Hobo Fantasies”

Flan is in a good mood. Join our FB group @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/whatisTWS
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Evening With The Flans – Road 2 Recovery pt4 “Expectations & Resentment”

Flan gives an update on his progress and braces for the holidays. Merry Christmas!
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Evening With the Flans – Road to Recovery pt 3 “Bathroom Terrorist 2”

Flan gives an upbeat update on his recovery progress. Is addiction a disease? Flan also tells the story of "Bathroom Terroist pt2" attack on P.Terry's
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Episode 66 – Goodbye Lafayette

We mourn the loss of another major character in Flan and Hamp's courtship. RIP Lafayette. You will be missed as much as Flan misses Sookie's random nip slips. Join the…
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Evening with The Flans 5 – Mom aka Flan Dog

Flan Dog is in the building. My mom is in town to prove she's not a racist. It's Father's Day, we got cakies and gross baby stories. Join the Conversation.…
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Episode 56 – EWF: Informative Murder Porn

The Flans sit down to celebrate making it to their daughter's 18-month appointment. They discuss everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to Murder Fantasies. Enjoy Beats by Deuce Mann www.rinascakies.com…
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