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Episode 104 – Guess The Ethnicity?

BARS RETURNS!!! Flan attempts to prove he's qualified to critique then gets caught skating. We discuss more police shootings and play a really fucked up new game. Join the Discussion…
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Episode 103 – Way Past a Couple Bad Apples

Flan and Rich remember one of their biggest supporters. We also discuss Scientology TV, Fabolous, Stephon Clark and the way forward. Join the discussion @ whatisTWS.com/FB
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Episode 102 – How Not To Be a Rapist ft Cree

Flan's HS buddy Cree joins us to discuss side pieces, Katy Perry, and the rules of consent. Join the conversation @ whatisTWS.com/FB
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Episode 101 – Don’t Leave Your Girl Round Me! Feat Devin

The homie Devin stops by to chat with us about who you should send to care for your girl when you're locked up, and the 93.9 "Nanny Gate" Check out…
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Episode 100 – Live From Facebook

Real rap raw! Audio straight from the 100th episode live stream. Uncut cause I don't get paid to edit. Join the conversation @ whatisTWS.com/FB
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Episode 98 – Wakanda Not Yet

We couldn't talk about Black Panther cause Flan ain't seen it yet so we just threw around some random topics and chopped it up. Wakanda Not Yet! Join the discussion…
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Episode 97 – Don’t Feed the Pigeons

Flan and Rich get ready for Valentine's day and discuss new topics from the group including rules for food in relationships. Join the conversation @ whatisTWS.com/FB
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Episode 95 – New Age Game

Flan and Rich are back with our first episode pulled straight from the FB group. We talk everything from the sex doll craze to indecent proposals. Join the conversation @…
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