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Evening With The Flans – Road 2 Recovery pt4 “Expectations & Resentment”

Flan gives an update on his progress and braces for the holidays. Merry Christmas!
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Evening With the Flans – Road to Recovery pt 3 “Bathroom Terrorist 2”

Flan gives an upbeat update on his recovery progress. Is addiction a disease? Flan also tells the story of "Bathroom Terroist pt2" attack on P.Terry's
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Evening With The Flans – Road 2 Recovery pt 2 “Cold Turkey”

Flan kicks off his birthday with some self discovery.
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Evening With The Flans – Road 2 Recovery pt 1

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Walk with me.\
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Episode 86 – Here Goes Nothing

Rich does his first solo show. I feel the pressure. In other news, our NFL teams took an L this weekend, and the Cavs took the train. Ladies scream #MeToo…
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Episode 85 – Did I Marry a Psychopath?

We discuss everything from Lonzo Ball to Gill Scott Heron. Flan breaks down his own bars.
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Goodbye Old Friend

Goodbye Alcohol, We met when I was 16 while cutting school. You seemed innocent enough at the time just something to do with my friends to prove I was down.…
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Episode 83 – Guess Who’s Coming To Podcast II

An episode out of the archives. Guess Who's Coming To Podcast II touches on a lot of great topics. We discuss domestic violence, "everyone keep your hands to yourself". The…
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