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Dad, I just want to shake your hand

The latest, resurfaced, story making it's way around the interwebs is about Danney Williams. Williams is the purported son of former President Bill Clinton. In this latest video, Williams can…
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Supporting Trump supporting misogyny

I guess not everyone is bothered by Trumps womanizing, misogynistic, sexist, groping, rape culture supportive, ways. To each their own. Just remember, if you support it, you can't complain about…
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Condoms, not just for dicks anymore

This ,ladies and gentlemen, is why the world is in the state it's in now. People can't even use condoms the right way. They're putting them everywhere but where they…
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I Share Because I Care – 10/7

A little something off the beaten path to brighten up your Friday. Yeah I know it's Thursday, I'm not good at holding onto gifts. https://play.spotify.com/user/jdotflan/playlist/4mn5UFNSnNSJnrCvonvEUk
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Showers in the Dark / Publicly Offensive

A few years back when my big bro and I used to host an open mic night in DC, I wanted to branch out from spitting rhymes like they were…
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