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what IS TWS?

I have a vision for this site. I have a vision of a place where we could talk about our differences, joke about stereotypes, and connect. I figured the opportunities to explore…
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Episode 5 – Teacher by Day, Club Promoter at Night

Sticking to the format from Episode 3, this time we discuss everything from the pumpkin patch to Teacher Bae. We're finding our groove. Stick with us to see where this…
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Episode 4 – Men Lie, Women Lie, List Don’t

Battle of the sexes! The ladies join us for an entertaining conversation about celebrity spouses. Flan attempts the smack challenge. Will he succeed? Only one way to find out.
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Episode 3 –  Ballad of Baby Bill

Check out our best episode to date. We touch on everything from lazy eye reactions to Derrick Rose's sexual assault case. We're starting to find our rhythm. Join us for…
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