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10 to Vibe 2 – Prune Juice

My Prune Juice: It's another celebration! I was working on this list for last week to celebrate our 50th episode, then this week we hit 4,000 plays, then today we…
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10 to Vibe 2 – Hype for the Show!

Photo credit: Treefort Photo Dept via Visual Hunt / CC BY Getting ready for the Oddisee show tonight. He's definitely one of my favorite artists so I decided to give…
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10 to Vibe 2 – H.E.R.

10 songs that remind me of HER. They may not be your favorites or even her's, but each one reminds me of the best thing that ever happened to me.…
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10 to Vibe 2 – Hold it or Fix it?

Inspired by my week. Some Dilla from the barbershop. Some Mos and 3 stacks from Episode 28. Who knows where the rest came from. Comment below with the song name…
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10 to Vibe 2 – The List List

Inspired by Episode 4 - Men Lie, Women Lie, List Don't: No, I'm not being petty. The list started because my wife sent me some Tessa Thompson tracks.Yup, Tammy actually…
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10 to Vibe 2 – Where’s My Theme Music

Where's my Theme Music? I need one of these playing whenever I walk into a room this year. Keep it situation appropriate, though. Bare with me, I'm working on my…
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GTD Vol. 1 – No Sleep

Starting my GTD series. If you have to ask what it stands for then you're too young to ride this ride. Fellas send this link to bae, let her listen…
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