About Us


Our Approach

Flan (@JdotFlan) & RichnerD (@rdotgreen) are two guys trying to speak their truths in a world full of WTF. Some people need tough love and that uncut truth.

We talk about any and everything because we want to use our unique and varying points of view to knock down cultural barriers.

For better or worse, we are The White Pants Society.

Our Story

At The White Pants Society podcast we try to be really open and honest on the show. We use our voices to send a positive message, but we are not afraid to highlight the negatives and what's wrong as well. Some people need tough love and that uncut truth. At the whatisTWS Podcast our goal is to be unapologetically honest, and equal opportunity a$$holes to all. Join #teamTWS you'll like what you hear.

Meet the Team

These are the individuals that make the magic happen at whatisTWS?


Flan aka J Dot Flan

Co-Founder, CEO, Contributor & Audio Engineer

Flan is an artistic visionary attempting to open minds and hearts in an effort to help us come together as one. He is not to be confused with an open pastry or sponge cake containing  sweet or savory filling. No really Flan is just an ordinary dude with a lot of questions, and is actively pursuing dopeness in all areas of life!

Tune in to learn more.


Rich aka RichnerD

Co-Founder, COO, Contributor & Content Developer

Rich is a pessimistic - optimist searching for the good in all things, because it can't be all bad; right? As an extroverted - introvert, he loves quiet time at home, but has been known to be the life of the party. Tech enthusiast, poet, and lover of life, sums him up pretty nicely. Fashion forward and edgy, he continuously blazes his own trail.

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